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Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) was established by ADATA with the aim of providing high-performance products to gamers, esports pros, and tech enthusiasts.

XPG is committed to developing products that help users achieve extreme performance; therefore, it works closely with the gaming and esports community to gather insight into the real needs of users and incorporate it into its hardware. Beyond performance, every XPG product surpasses the rigorous ADATA A+ testing methodology, which ensures the highest standards of stability and reliability. Not only do XPG products sport solid functionality and durability, but they also shine through with sheer cool designs that have earned prestigious international accolades such as Japan’s Good Design Award.

XPG delivers extreme gaming experiences to help make every moment exciting.

XPG Symbol


Besides the XPG logo, all XPG products feature a brand symbol that is a visual representation of extreme performance. The circular contour of the symbol denotes the shape of a star, a luminous spheroid of plasma that possesses raw, unharnessed power and energy. Meanwhile, the saw-blade-like vortex pattern signifies an engine that can harvest, control, and concentrate that power and energy, a fitting metaphor for what XPG products are capable of achieving.


To become the preferred choice of gamers that seek extreme performance, whether casual or professional.


XPG is committed to providing superior, high-performance, and reliable gaming hardware to ensure the best gaming experiences.